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Best Seller Jujube |Top 5 Best Jujube Sellers in the World

Best Seller Jujube is the best quality jujube in Iran in South Khorasan province and it is the most popular and common in all of Iran. The popularity of Birjand jujube has led to many buyers across the country wanting to buy it. Follow the article to learn about the benefits and benefits and where to buy fresh jujube fruit.

Best Seller Jujube |Top 5 Best Jujube Sellers in the World

How to Choose Best Jujube Fruit For Export?

How to Choose Best Jujube Fruit For Export?  Jujube is. a very special Iranian product that has long been used in our culture, and is the best jujube in Iran in South Khorasan Province. The healing properties of jujube has been taken into consideration. Because of its high medicinal properties, jujube is in high demand today.

Jujube is exported to the Netherlands, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada. jujube fruit tree for sale is the best. Jujube is a medium shrub up to 2 meters high. Native jujube is tropical and leaves small, green, oval and egg-shaped leaves in winter. Jujube export: South Khorasan is the first country in the country to cultivate jujube. Production is 1% jujube product from South Khorasan. The most expensive jujube in South Khorasan is Demani jujube which has the highest export among other types of jujube in Iran. The best export jujube produced in our country is Birjand’s extensive gardens. Jujube freshness plays an important role in its quality.

From inducing sleep to ensuring a healthy gut, these little jujubes are a perfect dose of nutrition. Here are 5 amazing health benefits of ber fruit: Helps in improving the blood circulation: These tiny fruits are filled with minerals like potassium, phosphorus, manganese, iron, and zinc. The jujube fruits have lot of bio-active compounds which has been clinically proven. Similarly, it has been found that the fruit pulp can prevent diabetic neuropathy, a type of nervous damage that afflicts diabetic patients. Easy to grow they may be, but can you grow a jujube in a container? Yes, growing jujube in pots is possible; in fact, in their native China, many apartment dwellers have potted jujube trees on their balconies. Jujubes do best in warm, dry climates, but can tolerate winter lows down to -20 F. (-29 C.) Growing jujube trees is not difficult as long as you have sandy, well-drained soil. 

Persian Jujube Vs Chinese Jujube

Persian Jujube Vs Chinese JujubeJujube is both a tasty fruit and a herbal medicine. Jujube is native to the tropical regions. Its cultivation is widespread in North Africa, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Jujube is also called Chinese date or red date because it is both sweet and has a date palm. The leaves of jujube are small, beautiful, translucent, alternate and serrate. The flowers are small and yellowish green. The jujube fruit is red and egg-shaped and has a nucleus. Jujube plays a major role in the region’s economy as the income of thousands of rural households is dependent on jujube production and the development of jujube cultivation as a drought-tolerant plant can have a significant effect on reducing unemployment.And it is one of the most important factors in preventing rural migration.

Fruit, kernels, leaves, skin and wood are also valuable. Properties of jujube: Pure jujube is very lax and glaze softens the chest. The use of fruit nuts in wounds and cuts accelerates their healing. Jujube also makes teeth resistant to decay. This tea heals damaged tissues and strengthens muscles. jujube fruit near me is in all of world. Also for those who do not have access to jujube you can easily buy jujube fruit online. Be sure to consult relevant experts online to buy fresh and high quality jujube. The introduction of this product by the Chinese in the European market is spreading day by day and in European and American countries as the Chinese almonds are being consumed daily, while this valuable product is not yet recognized in all parts of
They are not particular about soil pH but do need to be planted in full sun. The tree can be propagated by seed or root sprout.
Jujube, also known as Chinese red date, is a delicious fruit which belongs to the Rhamnaceae and Buckthorn family. It has been used medicinally in China and other parts of Asia for over 2,500 years. Dried jujube varieties can be used to substitute apples or dates in recipes. Jujubes were first produced some time before 1920. The jujube is an edible berry that grows in the tropics. But the name of the berry has nothing to do with the make-up of the candy, which is more likely related to one of the basic ingredients of both Jujubes and Jujyfruits, ju-ju gum.our country.

Advantages of Exporting Jujube Fruit

Advantages of Exporting Jujube FruitJujube Iran is produced in South Khorasan Province and attention to the production, processing and sale of products in different regions plays an important role in creating sustainable development.The agricultural sector of the South Khorasan Frontier Province accounts for 30% of the value added of economic activities.The province has potentials such as jujube, which have played an important role in the economy of the province and the country, providing employment and income generation.Jujube is one of the rare products of South Khorasan Province, an unrivaled fruit that can be part of a healthy and useful family nutrition basket.The most interesting thing about jujube fruit is its 10,000 year history. More than 400 jujube varieties have been produced in this long history.Today, even in foreign countries such as China, Korea, and Taiwan, jujube is used as a traditional medicinal plant.
Relieve and reduce anxiety, purify and eliminate toxins, soothe and sore throat, prevent cardiovascular problems, useful for biliary disease, laxative, analgesic drugs, improve blood circulation, improve sleep, bone strengthening, control Weight, strengthened immune system, cancer treatment, skin health, blood detoxification, liver protection, ovarian health and hundreds of other properties are among the valuable medicinal properties of the fruit.Fresh jujube harvest begins in the second half of August and continues until the end of September, so fresh jujube is not available all year round but dried fruit and other crops can be purchased at the market.
The village of Siujan, 22 km south of the center of South Khorasan province, has become the country’s favorite jujube so that the reputation of the jujube can be heard throughout the country. Jujube hazardsExcessive eating of jujube reduces sexual instincts.Jujube in temperate persons produces gas and bloating, and such people should taste jujube.Jujube causes vitamin K build up which results in thickened blood, so it is not recommended for people with high blood concentration.People who suffer from excessive bloating, intestinal parasites and excessive sputum should consult a physician before consuming jujube.

Main Tips in Exporting Jujube Fruit

Main Tips in Exporting Jujube Fruitjujube plays a big part in the economy as the income of thousands of rural households depends on jujube production, and the development of jujube cultivation as a drought-tolerant plant can have a significant impact on reducing the unemployment rate and is one of the major factors preventing rural migration. Packaging and problems with processing and storage of jujube are among the limitations of this economic process. If this product has a real place in export, its impact on the region’s economy will be significant, especially in times of drought.

In addition to fixing the problems and positions that are critical to exporting this product Importantly, other issues should also be addressed by agricultural and economic managers, such as market control and adaptability of the product and its derivatives to changes in demand, particular attention to jujube crop storage, full knowledge of systems Export and Export Promotion for jujube products and derivatives and the creation and expansion of conversion industries. Direct contact with major buyers and consumers through participating in international and international exhibitions, efforts to introduce the product’s nutritional and nutritional properties through the production of documentary films, science-fiction animations, educational 

Ziziphus jujuba, commonly known as the jujube is a species of Ziziphus. It is in the Buckthorn family (Rhamnaceae). It is used mainly as a shade tree which also bears fruit. The new fresh eating varieties taste like a very sweet apple when eaten fresh.When dried, jujubes truly have a taste very much like a date. The fruit, when processed into jujube butter, was rated better than apple butter by the people at Texas A&M, some years ago. Zizyphus jujuba— commonly known as jujube—has an edible fruit that is similar to a date. Sweet and fiber-rich, the jujube fruit is packed with nutritional value, a good source of vitamin A, C, B vitamins, minerals including iron, phosphorus, and calcium, and healthful fatty acids. Aids in weight loss and digestion: The fruit makes for a great snack if you are trying to lose weight as it has no carbohydrates or fats and is rich in fibre. 

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