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Jujube Fruit For Sale | Best Jujube Fruit Manufacturers

Jujube fruit is becoming one of the popular super foods among the people specially in Western and European countries. Jujube fruit for sale and export purposes can be found in the countries of origin of Jujube which are producing and exporting this fruit to almost every where in the world.

Jujube Fruit For Sale | Best Jujube Fruit Manufacturers

How fast do jujube trees grow?

How fast do jujube trees grow?Jujube fruit or Chinese date, is the formal name of the Ziziphus Jujuba which as one of the old ancient plants that is native in China. The trees of jujube are mostly small, with the average height of 5-12 meters. They have small green leaves that are shiny under the sunlight. The fruit of this tree which is called Jujube, is light yellow or green when it is immature, and tastes like apple. But it turns red when becomes mature. And finally, it becomes wrinkled brownish fruit which looks like dates.

Jujube tress can tolerate almost any climatic conditions and they are really easy to grow if you live in the right climate for this species. This tree can stand hot days of summer and cold nights of winter. So that makes it a good choice to grow in deserts and mountains which either have cold nights and hot days or vise versa. Jujube trees grow almost like any other tree and they don’t have a significant growth rate per year.

How big do jujube trees get?

How big do jujube trees get?Jujube trees are among small trees and shrubs which are considered deciduous. They can reach up to 12 meters in some places. But the average height for this species is between 5 to 12 meters. There are reports that after 30 years, these trees can reach to 9 meters of height.

The leaves are small in oval shape and they are shiny green. Before leave fall off the tree in autumn, they turn to light yellow. The fruits are small, normally in a size of cherry or sometimes in size of a plum, depending on the cultivar of this tree. The fruits are edible containing a hard stone which consists of two seeds. The jujube fruits are light green when they are not immature, during time they become light red and fully mature fruits are deep red. This red fruits gets brownish after a short time and finally becomes wrinkled brown very similar to date. That is the reason it is called red date after all. Fresh red dates are crispy and taste like apple. The early red dates or jujubes are the most preferred ones to eat.

Jujube Fruit for sale at Wholesale price

Jujube Fruit for sale at Wholesale priceJujube have so many types and cultivars. Each one of them has a different property like different taste or size or even fruiting time. Most of them are being produced in China, where they use different cultivars and types to make new ones with new range of fruits. There are wide varieties of jujubes such as Li, Lang, Sugarcane, Honeyjar, Dangzao and so much more. Each one has unique properties for example dangzao is the cultivar that its fruiting time is in winter which makes it a good choice if you want to have jujube fruits on any season.

Jujube fruits wholesale prices can be different everywhere but they can be more affordable if you buy them in large amounts and from wholesale markets. Most of them have free shipping if you order higher than a specific price or amount.

Buy fresh Red dates at lowest price

Buy fresh Red dates at lowest priceRed dates or jujube fruits are being sold in many shapes and types. They can be fresh fruits, dried. Dried jujube fruit for sale is more common because it remains longer and does’t get spoiled during long distance shipping. But fresh jujubes are more popular for daily consuming as a snack because it has a crispy texture and also it tastes better. Other than selling the Jujube fruit, there are other parts of this plant that is being sold in shops such as Jujube rootstock for sale that are mostly sold in China. You can buy one of these root stocks and grow your own jujube at your home.

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