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Where Can I Buy Jujubes |Best Places & Stores

“Where Can I Buy Jujubes?” Is a question with which the mind of the clients and its consumers is involved. There are many countries that plant and grow jujube fruits around the world. Indian jujubes are the most famous among all countries. In India, it is used for religious cermony too. There are many manufacurers and suppliers in India which produce the best jujubes and offer it in the best places and stores for selling fresh fruit and ddehydrated one at wholesale and retail. 

Where Can I Buy Jujubes |Best Places & Stores

Which Cities In Iran Have More Jujube?

Which Cities In Iran Have More Jujube?To answer”which city in Iran have more jujube?” We should explain that Birjan is a city in the northeast of Iran located in Southern Khorasan famouse for jujubes. Birjan is the most famous city for its  uniform gardens of the jujube fruit. Jujubes like the hot wether, although, it can tolerate cold weather  too. The weather of this city is very good for growing jujube fruit. Jujube gardens stretch from the east to the Afghan border. In most parts of Iran, jujubes  are growing and the jujube garden can be seen in every parts of Iran; but Southern Khorasan has solitary jujubes garden. Isfahan, as a second province  has 10 hectares of the jujube land located mostly in the foothills between Nain and Isfahan and on the periphery of agricultural lands. After Southern Khorasan and Isfahan, it is grown in Fars, Golestan and Mazandaran.According to the latest statistics, the annual production of jujube in Iran is higher than its export to the abroad.

Where Can I Buy Jujubes In Iran?

Where Can I Buy Jujubes In Iran?And “where can I buy jujubes in Iran?”, to answer to it, we should know that there is the most modern jujubes garden with the highest quality in Southern Khorasan. Those who want to buy jujubes with high quality should buy them from there. For those who are far from Birjand, it is possible to buy them online. It also is rhe best way to buy them with no termediary from the gardener with reasonable price. There are a lot of dried jujube fruit for sale, too. The best selling jujube fruit export center for other countries in the major markets of this product has offered the excellent examples of this product. High quality samples of the finest grade jujube are offered in the largest Iranian market at special prices. The credibility of many jujube stores in Iran is to sell the best jujube samples at wholesale. In this regard, the most reputable centers for exporting jujube in Iran market are chain stores, medicinal herbs store, major jujube supply centers and bulk jujube malls.

Is There Special Shops For Buying Jujube?

Is There Special Shops For Buying Jujube? Buying and selling jujubes is very important in Iran. It has good market. The best dried jujubes, fresh ones, dried jujubes and its syrup are sold with reasonable prices in some cities like Kashan, Daran, Zibashahr, Birjand, Ghamsar, Najaf Abad and etc. There are some website available on net special for selling and offering  jujubes at wholesale. Therefore, it is possible for the clients and consumers to buy them online. Dehydrated Shop is the best place to sell and buy dried jujubes in person or online, as some onlone dehydrated shops are available on net. Dried jujube fruits as weel as other snacks can be easily packaged in these places. Fresh jujubes are available at fruit stores. Dried jujubes can be purchased at the herbal medicine shops because they also have medical properties and benefits. Jujube is one of the best fruits with some special charachteristics that is used for the treatment of various diseases. It is mostly cultivated and harvested in South Khorasan province, as said before. It is also considered as a great souvenir of Southern Khorasan for various pilgrims. There are a lot of travelers crossing this line, it is good time for them to use this great opportunity to bring them as souvenirs to their family, friends and acquaintances.


Is Jujube Fruit Available In All Countries?

Is Jujube Fruit Available In All Countries? Jujube fruits are native of tropical regions but there is a question about a good place for growing them. For answering to this qiestion “Is jujube fruit available in all countries?” We should say “yes”. Due to its tolerance against cold and hot weather and its tolerance in many types of soil and its special tolerance against drought conditions and rainfall they can be grown in different climats and different countrirs all over the world easily. These special and variant characteristics make them live in mountains or desserts as well without any problem.For first time, jujubes were grown in China. There a lot of cultivars of them in this countries. In china, it is called red jujube date. Jujube produced in western country are smaller and softer than use in Korea, China and eastern countries.

Jujube Fruit Products in Global Market

Jujube Fruit Products in Global Market Various jujube fruit products in global market is available. Various products can be made by processing jujubes. Dried jujubes, syrup, vinegar, juice, candy, slices and powder, frozen and fresh cut fruit can be named as the most significant processed products. To dry jujube, first shoul select a ripe jujube with no pest and disease, then, by using oven or great light of the sun dry. When they dry, they should be soften and then packaging. In order to package, there should be no moisture. In order to produce syrup, dried jujubes as well as fresh ones can be used. After washing them carefully, they should be baked till it runs out of water and get stronger. They should be soften and after softening them, the final products should be kept in cool places.

Is it Ok to use Jujube Fruit in Diet?

Is it Ok to use Jujube Fruit in Diet?Jujube fruit benefits are very high. The calories of jujube is very low. It has high protein and fiber by which it prevents from overeating. Therefore, it helps weight loss. Due to its high-fiber, this fruit can help in digestion of the stomach. Therefore,  it is useful for weight loss and fitness. The use of jujube syrup is very good for the treatment of chronic constipation. Juice seeds can help treat diarrhea, too. As you know, constipation and diarrhea are one of the cause of sever fatness and slimming. It is a good source of vitamin C. It contains significant amounts of minerals. Also, it contains protein, carbohydrates and minerals calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin and fluorine. It consist of pectin as a fiber which is a soluable and effective in reducing fat and blood sugar. The total fat content of it is very low. The ratio of unsaturated fatty acids to total fat in jujube fruit is high. Therefore, it is recommend as part of the diet to those who ask ” is it ok to use jujube fruit in diet?”

How to Make Jujube Tea?

How to Make Jujube Tea?There are a lot of herbal tea used in whole new world in hot drinks. Their taste is very, very different, and we can make different kinds of them easily and use their taste and properties. Here’s how to make jujube tea that is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. First of all, you shoul buy fresh jujube fruit. You should choose the jujube which do not have pest. Then, wash them and let them be in water for some hours. After that,  remove the core of them and crush them.  Put them in teapot and let them to boil for fifteen minutes. Jujubes are sweet and jujube tea does not need to be sweeten. You can  add a few drops of lemon juice to it and drink it. Jujube tea  is high in antioxidants. It may reduce constipation. This also seems to be helpful for anxiety and insomnia. Abu Ali Sina said that its nature is cold. Based on its medical properties of it, it is used  in the form of tea because it is made more easily. In Iran,  today people jujube tea in their own daily uses.

Benefits of Jujube Tea & Recipes

Benefits of Jujube Tea & RecipesWhen you are stressful and suffer from anxiety, you can use jujubes, dried, fresh or its syrup. It is seful for relieving stress and anxiety. Due to its antioxidants, it can reduce the aging process of the skin and prevent from oldness. Jujube is a softener for chest and laxative due to its high glaze. It also reduces blood pressure and those who suffer from high blood pressure can use it. It helps to digest food and purifies the blood. It eliminates hoarseness and enhances digestive system. According to recent studies, jujube syrup is an inhibitor of leukemia cells because it inhibits from the growth and movement of free radicals due to vitamin C and antioxidants and thus, helps to control and grow tumor and cancer cells. For those who suffer from excessive bloating, intestinal parasites and excessive sputum, it is recommended to consult with a physician before consuming jujube. Using juice consumption for pregnant women should be done with the knowledge of a physician. Mostly  it is not recommended for people with high blood levels. We can speak about the healing benefits of jujube tea and recipes for hours. It’s really worth talking about. There are several recipes for making jujube tea as one of it was said here before.


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